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Plain White T’s

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American pop rock band started in 1997 originally from Villa Park, Illinois. Formed by high school friends Tom Higgenson and Ken Fletcher, the group had a mostly underground following in Chicago basements, clubs, and bars in its early years, and underwent numerous personnel changes.[1][2] The band is best known for the songs “Hey There Delilah”, which charted highly in many countries, and “1, 2, 3, 4”. In 2008, they received a Grammy nomination for “Hey There Delilah”.[3] The band broke into the mainstream following the success of “Hey There Delilah” and the well-received “Hate (I Really Don’t Like You)” from the album Every Second Counts. The group’s latest album is Big Bad World, released in 2008.

Mainstream breakthrough: 2006–2008

In early 2006, the band teamed with Motion City Soundtrack for a Winter/Spring tour. “Hey There Delilah” was first released on their second album All That We Needed in 2005. The same year the band was featured for a month as a “Hip Clipz” artist on the website of Curly Grrlz Skateboards. In 2006, “Hey There Delilah” was re-released on their third album Every Second Counts. Later, in 2008, “Hey There Delilah” became the first Grammy nominated song for the band. The band then spent months recording between festivals and shows from April to July 2008, culminating with the release of a single from their 2008 album Big Bad World. The album had two hit singles: “1, 2, 3, 4” and “Natural Disaster”. Both were on the AT40 at numbers 1 and 2 for three consecutive weeks.

As of late 2008, the band was on the Rock Band Live tour with Panic! At The Disco, Dashboard Confessional and The Cab.

In 2008 the band played at the Give It A Name festival in the UK.

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